Face newborn

ChildExpectant mums and magnetically helpful to know some any of the features of a exterior of newborns in advance.If you are a magnetically mother, a child imagine being chubby and smiling with cute folds on a arms and legs. Be aware, your is not so! Here's mom throws a 1st be at a child newborn, and it seems that with the newborn something same this: a big head, tiny aging body, gnarled hand and feet, the facial skin in spots.Do not worry if the child newborn does not be like a child with the image. Children rarely are born pink, plump and shine. Typically, babies possess any features of face, disappearing following a while later birth. And to dispel the doubts and fears, you just must to talk some this with the medical man at a hospital.  Baby care. Alike Baby.articles:Mums. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. Aqua

ChildA smallest needs to drink much individual and depend mostly on food, weightiness and age of a infant, as good however a state of hygiene and the climate. In general it may be said that a healthy newborn until the year to 100 ml of fluid for any kg of weightiness. When a child reaches 10 kg, a calculation is slightly different needs: Presently per day a child requires to get 1 liter of fluid plus 50 ml per kg complete the main ten.  Care of a child. Alike Newborn.articles:Newborn upkeep. Generic head injury: a tumor, hematoma, kefalogematomyBabyNewborn. Meal allergies in babiesChildNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Lure: features with the introduction of allergies in babies

ChildA first solid foods as well require to be given very careful and not earlier than seven months. How foods you can offer veg broth (zucchini, color, fresh cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lightness colored pumpkins, squash). Every new item master for a 7 days, gradually increasing the amount. Later in a regimen can comprise mixed and mashed potatoes. Quite often lure prepare a parents, but most experts recommend to prefer canned commercial diet.By a 8th month of a child try to propose dairy-free rice. It is desirable that a 1st one was from a gluten-free cereal grains - buckwheat, corn, rice. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Healthy Eating lactating women

BabyIf potential, the nutritional nursing girl 18 years old must only use good items (or items subjected to deep cooling). In a menu want be present: fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy items, fresh meat, fresh fish (fresh meat, fish, and egg can be eaten alone once or twice a week), fats (the butter, olive oil, sunflower butter, ghee, buckwheat germ oil and thistle seed ), drinks (aqua, mineral water, fruits, anise, fennel tea, cumin, barley aqua, malted grain and coffee).Short cooking time will keep all a vitamin (soft food want be not more than once), for salads and cooking, apply alone vegetable fats. Permanently menu must be a a small piece of raw vegetables and fruits are very valuable fresh bread with wheat flour, corn, muesli. Drink need lots - with 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day. It is best to just and during fresh-feeding. Efforts: milk - a product of power, and not quench the thirst.Eliminate from the food you request: alcohol-containing drinks, beans, cabbage, strong tea, green tea with sage, peppermint, hibiscus flowers, coffee, poultry, steak with blood meals from raw fresh meat, chocolate, seafood, shellfish, offal, sharp seasoning, parsley, and citrus fruits. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Diaper - assistant and friend

NewbornThe second stepHowever to really find out if your baby gets enough milk? A approach is simple - check "on a wet diaper." Count so ofttimes a child wets nappies (diapers it, and not disposable diapers!). Children and babies are the 1-st months of life should urinate on six or more times per day, and urine should be colorless or pale yellow.If the newborn is exclusively breastfed while "using" six or more diapers every day, it is just enough natural milk, regardless of mass and height at birth and at a moment.Estimating the volume of natural milk with wet diapers - the second step to solving a question. If you give your child water or other drinks, this test does not help: urine will be produced out of the aqua and still may not be enough crumbs of natural natural milk.  Newborn care. Like posts:Child. Fall thin hair later childbirthNewbornMothers. Breast MilkNewbornBaby care. Читать полностью -->

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