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ChildNewborn fresh feeding following a year has an important educational moment. A close emotional bond that occurs upon lactation has a good effect on a establishment of trust with my mother. And because children grow empathetic, attentive and obedient, and what could be more relevant for the education of a moving slider and curious!Deep attachment to the mom helps a child to learn it was her view of life, which will play a good role in a transition to adulthood.Social adaptation is much more productive than a "no chest" of infants. Baby, do not prematurely lost touch with his mum, is more open to the world, more confident in him acting, feeling behind him a strong base. With such a child is very convenient to travel: the natural milk is ever with you, and, therefore, diet food and drink are ever accessible to children.There is no claim to create particular conditions for sleep - just enough to create a crumbs to a chest. At night a child sleeps in the like put and my mother, allowing you to save on a purchase of a separate babies's bed.If you plan to give birth to any baby, a long feeding older, you get a chance to defend yourself with the problems of jealousy among infants. Following all, the more fully you satisfy a basic demands of love and care for a older child, the less he has reason to resent you in the next.  Similar articles:Baby attention. Child 6 weeksBabyUpkeep of a baby. Dining pregnant. Natural-feeding. Child Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMChildChild. Vitamins for childrenChild.

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