Mums. Newborn five months

ChildIf you give a child a rattle in his hand, he will study it more closely. A colored object will consider longer than colorless. Toy, particularly a round like balls kid may grab with both hands, with fingers spread or squeezed like a fist.From the position on a back (support the upper aging body), a baby tends to rise, with the head not only holds, but also trying to raise higher. Lying on his stomach, rests in a palm of the hands straightened. If you put a baby on his feet, he will be level with the support of, and with the "supine" will be able to roll under complete on his stomach.When you carry a child around a apartment, he looks around, watching eye of a moving person. Holds the rattle however tightly that it is gravely to pick.Goodness distinguishes relatives and strangers, strict and affectionate tone. There is an initial understanding of reverse speech: baby listens to a voice of the adult responds rightly to the intonation, recognizes familiar voices. Responds to the direction of a sound, "sings", changing a intonation.Maybe a long time to utter melodious vowels ("a", "e", "w", "I"), is trying to repeat sounds, imitating adult. In a speech crumbs appear first syllable "ba" or "ma". A child laughs out loud in response to an emotional speech appeal to it, reaches for the mirror image.For 1/2 a year the kids start conquering vertical. Best help in this heavily task will be some or turnichok gymnastic rings hanging over the bed, in a arena, or just complete the spot on the floor where the newborn is basically awake.In five weeks, the child is already trying to catch himself, sits down with little support, and in a sitting position with a lateral tilt of the body keeps his head straight. But do not put crumbs "in the air", however you would not require that! Best variant - still a chaise longue, where a kid is in the "reclining"!Keep in mind that a vast majority of the babies first learn to stand and walk strongly in support, so sit down - that in such a "scenario" you can avoid the curvature of a spine and the displacement of a pelvic organs in a infant.In a fifth 30 days in the mediation of the child may meet with yourself in the "full". We are talking approximately the "toy" that will captivate a note of a newborn and bring joy for... Rest of their lives. That is about the size of a mirror.The first acquaintance with this amazing subject is desirable to hold a hand of a mom or dad - all the adult show, explain, and when looking at yourself bored, put another toy. After a 7 days it is possible to leave a crumbs with a mirror alone.Currently sold much of toys with small mirrors. You are funny, but the newborn is unlikely to enjoy. Of the all, in this tiny slice of visible eye, eye, nose, maximum - half of the face. A chubby small boy should see himself upright.It's much consummate if you give them the little boy or little daughter a opportunity to see themselves in a large mirror, which may be fixed on the wall opposite the crib or on the floor in the corner of a game. And a kid accidentally broke a mirror, apply a special film that you can easily find in a departments of items for a safety of the newborn.By a way, a lack of interest in his own person and reflection - a sign of alarm. If your child is 6 months, and a person - his own, my mom's, grandma's - it was not interested, be sure to tell your medic upon a visit to the clinic.  Upkeep of a newborn. Resembling articles:Smoking and breast-feedingBabyLeaving of a baby. Fruit nursing momsNewbornFall thin hair after childbirthChild.

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