Child. Prevention of rickets in infants

BabyVitamin DFundamentals of newborn health - goodness nutrition, rule sleep with enough walks, massage, gym. Often, for the prevention and treatment of a pediatrician assigned to get prophylactic dose of vitamins D. Vitamins D - 500 IU is safe and covers the wants of rapidly growing child. There butter and aqueous solutions.Medicine vitamins D3 physiologic and efficacy of vitamin D TWO, since vitamins D 3 - is provitamin A, it stimulates a production of its own vitamin D in a body of a baby.Aqueous solutions are less toxic than butter, however if a child is registered large dose of vitamin D, give them preference.The kid can be a long and continuously give prophylactic doses of vitamins throughout a coldness season (from late autumn to source). If the medical man has prescribed a dose of prophylactic above, it is advisable to put a crash for 5-7 days every 3-4 week of using medicine.If you feed a newborn with a mixture that does not preclude taking vitamin D. The dose will calculate a local physician.Want be complied with recommendations to have vitamin D! In no case want not be given this medication without consulting a physician. In a medication of rickets vitamin D is assigned a strictly individual basis in conjunction with other medicine. The duration of therapy and a therapeutic dose determines the amount a physician!Preparations of vitamins D should be given with meal, in a first 1/2 of a time. Physiological request for vitamin D healthy full-term newborn the 1-st year of life is in a range of 400-500 IU / time.  Similar posts:Moms. Construction of a newborn of 10 monthsChildChild upkeep. Night-feedingChildNewborn service. Massage infantChild.

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