Care of a newborn. Healthy Eating lactating gerls

BabyIf potential, the nutritional nursing woman should alone apply good products (or products subjected to deep cooling). In the day menu must be present: fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy items, meat, fresh fish (meat, crab, and eggs may be eaten alone once or twice a week), fats (natural butter, olive butter, sunflower butter, ghee, millet germ oil and thistle seed ), drinks (h2o, mineral water, fresh fruit, anise, fennel tea, cumin, barley h2o, malted grain and coffee).Short cooking time will keep all the vitamin (hot food need be not more than once), for salads and cooking, apply alone veg fats. Daily day menu want be a bit of raw vegetables and fresh fruits are very valuable fresh bread with buckwheat flour, oatmeal, muesli. Drink claim much - with 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day. It is best to just and during breast-feeding. Note: milk - a product of power, and not quench your thirst.Eliminate with the schedule for you need: alcohol-containing drinks, beans, fresh cabbage, strong watter, milk with sage, peppermint, hibiscus flowers, coffee, poultry, steak with blood meals with raw fresh meat, chocolate, seafood, shellfish, offal, sharp seasoning, parsley, and citrus fruits. Precautions should be treated to such items however leeks, onions, radishes, radish, soy items, asparagus, spinach, peppers, cucumbers in vinegar, tomatoes, canned fresh vegetables, whole milk, sausage, sausage and canned crab, eggs, rhubarb, apple, pineapples, currants, kiwi, plum, preserved fruits, nuts, malt (barley beer), non-alcoholic beer, melon juices. Subject to the rules of great nutrition is not no question It is possible to not get a baby.Meal feeding woman 18 years oldMeal feeding young girlWhat can not be a nursing motherMeal feeding mother carte   Baby. Alike Attention of a child.articles:Congenital hypothyroidism in babiesNewbornChild. Dining pregnant. Warm-feeding. Baby Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMChildVitamin for infantsNewborn.

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