Care of a newborn. Hypertonus newborn

BabyNo matter however much my mother tried to say hello to the little ones, taking his fingers. This is it for at the present time unlikely because of the tightly clenched fists child. Position when a handle close to a body and legs curled up and pressed against his stomach, doctors called sublime posture of Buddha. All babies are in this position, which is caused by an increased tone of the flexor muscles in a arms and legs.We mums must not be worry approximately it until 3-4 weeks. Prior to that age increased muscle tone - a norm. By 3 weeks, the child should begin to compress and decompress fists, fingers and hand trying to grab a fun. If this does not happen, so a problem must be solved with a help of a neurologist who prescribed massotherapy, swimming, gyms.Take a closer look to a legs and handles a newborn, moms sometimes notice cyanotic hue feet and cams. This is due to a fact that he still does not get by circulation, and it is energetically run so a feet and fists immediately porozoveyut.Mother worried that the baby foot heavily wrapped in or out. And, both due to the weakness of muscles in the ankle joint. These phenomena are caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) during childbearing. But to worry about the size of it not worth it, because the flaw is much well adjusted with a help of massage.Sometimes, swollen teats baby milk is released. It turns out that this is quite normal - for newborn boys and girls. This hormonal crisis newborn. It is caused by the fact that the hormones in a mom's blood were a baby. All will pass by itself. But in the case can not squeeze natural milk with the nipple! Enough to put them on a dry heat. Highlight appear in 3-5 hours of child's your, and are held weekly.About of the attractive mother looking at her newborn boys, do not find the organic put in the testicles. If this happens, it means that a egg has not had time to go down to a groin and stuck in the birthday canal. To no need to be nervous. If the situation is not changed, a testicles "output" surgically since you need not be in a abdominal cavity. At times the opposite situation, the child is born with a big swollen testicles. This is caused by swelling of the shell eggs. It can not be cured and runs by itself, but a kid is watching a surgeon.Cause of panic sometimes bloody discharge with the vagina in girls, although this is nothing to worry around. This is a same hormonal crisis, which causes a release of natural milk with the nipple, and he also runs.And any "trick" is puzzling Moms - navel. Inside-out stump of a umbilical cord looks unsightly, but not for long. Later 10 days, she disappears, and a navel becomes nice ornate form of a sleeping snail.  Similar posts:Baby service. Calendar of child constructionBabyChild maintenance. Dining nursing motherNewbornMassotherapy for babiesNewborn.

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